Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll be back, soon!

Hi Creatives...I'm so sorry I haven't been updating you all. I've been settling into my new home and helping a friend work out some costumes for the play she is directing. And just to prove that I haven't been hanging out on the couch, here's one of them:

Well, I have been  hanging out on the couch...stitching! More craft projects will follow. Do not lose heart.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Kaylee Hibbert

Textile designer Kaylee Hibbert does amazing things with thread and fabric! They satisfy my textile and thread fetish.

Bespoke, hand-stitched wallpapers, shown at Tent, London, September 2011

I love this work done with furniture:

See more of her work and drawings on her site.

Monday, January 23, 2012

In the Nest

Well, I've been settling into my new home. Turns out I did not have internet for a week, so I was not able to pick back up as quickly as I wanted. And now I feel so terribly out of the loop! While I was away, however, my Chunky Knit Tee Scarf was featured on Craft Gossip. These awesome things always seem to happen when I'm not looking. Anyhow, a big thank you for the feature! And soon enough Don't Sew Angry will be digging up more fantastic art and crafts a person a can sew. But not angry!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok, so instead of packing I've been blogging (big surprise there) and it's really not the best way to get an entire house into a box. So I've got to stop and kick my butt into gear. If I don't post sooner, I will be safely nestled into my new home by January 15th. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yarnable Wednesday: 1.4.12

Left: Image by Anya Hynynen, found on Loveology / Right: Photograph by Kirstie van Noort

Yarnable Wednesday is my fav! Here are some favorite finds from this week:

Lynn Garrett makes chunky knits for your furniture! She sells some terrific chair leg-warmers at her Etsy shop, Biscuit Scout.

Knitt Purr makes incredibly small things by knitting on pins. Yes. Pins. Dolls aren't entirely my thing, but boy do I respect that craftsmanship!

Needle Noodles sells patterns to crochet just about anything on their Etsy shop.

And finally, this dress by Jemma Sykes. Oh. My. Goodness. Jemma designed and knitted this phenomenal dress for Butcher Couture, a company specializing in eco-couture. This piece is made of naturally-dyed 100% wool and was worn by Maria Mena on the cover of her album  "Cause and Effect". It was auctioned off to support the Breast Cancer Campaign. Wow. This dress has a longer resume than I do.

Thank you to ArtisicThings for the images. See more about this dress there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Textile Tuesdays: Texprint 2011

I've always been amazed by those at the forefront of design. Especially in mediums that have been around for centuries, like textiles. Yesterday I checked out the Texprint 2011 designers. Texprint features 24 recently graduated textile designers with the hope of exposing them to the industry and, well, showing the world how phenomenal they are. Visit their site and their Flickr photostream to see more images of all these truly talented designers.

If you are looking for bling in a new way, then you will like Abigail Gardiner's work. Visit her site here for more of her beautiful work.

Winner of the Texprint 2011 Color Prize, Chloe Hamblin is another favorite of mine. I am blown away by the intricacy of weaving in her work. Visit the Chelsea Degree Show site for more amazing work.

 The fantastic imagination of Emma Shipley is evident in these textiles, all from original sketches of her own. So maybe Gorilla rib cages aren't your thing. Boy are you missing out! Emma has a fantastic site where she sells these designs on Pashminas, silk Georgette scarves, and silk twill scarves. She has won several awards for her work.

Lauren Bowker has developed a way to make clothes that change and live. For her recent project, PHNX, she used a technique she developed, where she uses thermal chromatic dyes. In her own words:

 "I have embarked upon a journey to visualize, control and construct a piece that constantly evolves, lives and dies in front of our eyes. Through the expansion of many types of ink, I have developed an original take on dynamic chromic imaging. using focused thermal beams, sequentially controlled through computer software to allow my pieces to take on lives of their own. "

To see this technique in real time, check out the video on her site, PHNX.

Finally, I loved the tribal designs of Marie Parsons. I cannot seem to find a site for her, but thank you to Amelia's Magazine, for the photo of her fantastic trunk. Again, Texprint is the best source for these images and more of her work.

Happy Textile Tuesday!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Embroidered Typography

Happy New Year! I spent the past week enjoying the company of family and two terrific nieces: ages 3 and 5. It's amazing how quickly time passes with children. And now we're in 2012, holy cow! I thought it apropos to start the year with this fantastic calendar designed by Iwona Przybyla. You can see the rest of the calendar and her portfolio at the Behance Network.

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