Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Blue & Red & John Robshaw

Pipal Indigo bedding set by John Robshaw Textiles
I cannot seem to get over this blue and red theme I have completely by accident with all our decor. Then I discovered John Robshaw Textiles. Now I think I'm lost to it. for some reason a lot of our artwork has blues and reds in it, and our couch is a chili pepper red leather. I've been looking for ways to add a light and airiness to this combo, because we've been pairing it with dark woods, and lots of ethnic touches, which can make it all seem very heavy. The lovely thing about John Robshaw Textiles is that they are ethnic, which I love, and block-printed with the daintiest designs. Can't you image a beautiful spring breeze blowing through the room?

1. Twine Light Indigo  2. Alahambre Coral  3. Algiers Lotus 4. Petra Cobalt
All block-printed by hand on linen by John Robshaw Textiles
I fully encourage you to read more about John's story, because he has traveled so many places and learned the various techniques you see in his shop. His description of block-printing is an obvious reflection of his passion for this art form:

"It's so simple and natural. You touch a woodblock to wet clay and then to the fabric. After the clay dries, you dip the cloth into the indigo vat and the clay stays on. One dip gives the fabric a sky-blue color, two dips and it deepens to cobalt, three dips and its a saturated midnight blue. Then the fabric is laid out to dry in the sun and later the clay is washed off. The dyer says the indigo vats are like a mistress because they need constant attention. I was completely fascinated by the dyeing and printing processes, as well as how the finished product is used. Textiles become intimate companions in daily life, whether as a pillow, bedcover or sarong." 

In addition to his block-printing, John Robshaw sells a collection of found objects, furniture, blankets, and pillows named "Souk". I absolutely adore this blanket, which is made from vintage fabrics collected from around the world.

Patched Coral Blanket & Euro by John Robshaw Textiles

It gets me in the mood to make some quilts of my own!



Such beautiful fabrics, and the description of the block-printing is so sensual. It's the kind of handicraft where once you have planned it/are used to it, you don't have to think that much but you have to BE there and LOOK and FEEL. of need-to-be-in-the-now-moments that I would like to experience more of. I would like to have more moments like that. I'm too much in my head.

I sounds like John Robshaws Textiles would fit perfectly into your home! I wouldn't mind to have some either, love the mix in the top photo!

Glad to see you blogging again Amber!

Hugs Maria

Amber said...

Thanks, Maria!

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