Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Faves Via Etsy

It isn't hard to like Valentine's Day: giving sweets to show love is one of the best ideas ever! As opposed to the usual merchandise found in your big box stores, try these more personal and hand-made items that are more small business-friendly:

Sugar & Spice is a custom cookie company that makes me want to drool. The artist Michaela Canady has impeccable decoration skill. You can order 12 of her beautiful hand-made sugar cookies here.

Black Baroque makes prints from vintage book paper and sheet music overlaid with intricate images of animals in black, grey, and bright red (one of my favorite combos). View more of their beautiful prints here.

I couldn't resist these embroidered lips made by Sam Gibson, in Northamptonshire, England:

Last but not least, Lemon Drop Papers makes this charming card, with eight small envelopes in which to hide eight personalized messages. For those of us who can't say "I Love You" once. 

All this makes me want some chocolate!



Hi Amber! I think you have a reason not to post too, you moved so recently. How do you like the new place?

Looking forward to more posts from you of course, but it should be fun to blog not to much pressure. See you!

Amber said...

JSD, we like the space. It's bigger than what we had in Miami and less cramped than the house in Coral Springs. But it takes time to really settle in. Living in a house is wonderful.


Sorry, but what does JSD mean? Let it take time to settle in, you need to get to know the house :-)

Amber said...

JSD is your screen name! J-aimie S-ays D-ream!


Oh, of course ! :-)

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