Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Whisk Mobile

I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. Well, I can, due to the subliminal messages I've been trying to ignore: namely "sweet potato pie now!" and "pumpkin pie time!". I can't get that spice mix orange out of my head. Anyhow, I thought Thanksgiving was a good time to try out my whisk mobile idea, and now I can use it as our centerpiece!

I started out with a $2.00 whisk I bought at Ikea. They had one with a wooden handle and a loop for hanging at the end, which is perfect. You will need needle nose pliers for this and/or wire cutters. Snip the very center of each "loop".

Bend the branches back and arrange how you like. I put 8 straight out (leaving that nice curve) and then left 4 facing down. I thought of a chandelier and bent the branches accordingly.

Then make loops at the end of each branch.

Now for the decorations! Since there's a cooking theme (there is??), I used parchment paper
and brown paper. Then I mixed in the nice spice orange stationary I had. You'll also need a Fiskar's punch: now punch those babies out! The look like little pies...yum!

String them together using red thread allowing a 3/4 in. space in between...

Then drape your long string on all branches (in the loops you made earlier, remember?)

Time for your center pendant. I know you got excited when you saw that red velvet ribbon!
Use an orange marker or ink pad to print "Thank You" on a white oak tag. Then stitch the edges.

Measure how long you want your "thank you" to dangle inside your mobile, then double it. Insert the ribbon through the hole and hot glue the end to the back of the ribbon. Then tie the ribbon around the handle at let it dangle in the middle.

Now string it up with some of your favorite jute or ribbon and hang where desired!

I don't take credit for the hutch in the distance. We've been living in someone else's home!

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