Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paint Chip Love, Cont'd

 I told you I was obsessed! After posting yesterday I went back to the drawing board and made these:

I'm not sure what to call them yet. Are they stars? Are they snowflakes? What do you think? They're fun and fast to make. And no glue required! Here's how to make them:

Step 1: Cut each color swatch from the Behr Paint Chips. It doesn't matter which shades you use, I mixed them up! Start with any two. Make cuts as shown by the black lines below:

Step 2: link one with the other on the inside cut of the right side:

Step 3: Link the left side as you did the right. This will make the top paint chip bow at in a "U" shape:

Step 4: Make more pieces. I've found they work best in 6, 5, and 3 formations:

Step 5: link the pieces together at the remaining outer cuts. Make sure the color is facing the same way all around your circle:

Step 6: For more stability in the 6 and 5 size stars,you can add pieces to the center by making strips with two cuts (the bottom piece shown in step 1) and linking them to the straight strips (the top piece in step 1) by cutting each straight strip in the center. Link each piece as shown:

And Voila! 

I think I might hang them for the holidays as snowflakes. I was glad to make something that didn't have a function, since I seem to be so purpose-focused. These are just pretty, and sometimes that's all things need to be!
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