Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quilt for Baby

I've not been motivated to do much, lately. But what I have done is start a quilt for my son. I ordered the fabric from Heather Bailey. You should check out her blog, too. It is so vibrant and rich. Since we are only slightly sure its a boy (he was laying in a very odd angle and our ultrasound was only a guess), I wanted to make something that was more gender neutral (and exciting). I love the combo of yellow, aqua, and red. In fact, here's some of my favorite inspiration:

                            Source: vi.sualize.us via Amber on Pinterest

alphabet block installation by designer Jason Gomez, featured on ohsobeautifulpaper

Combined with a red cotton pattern I already had from a costume project, it makes a lovely pattern:

Now, it's time to go in and tweak a few squares so that the random pattern feels balanced, and then off to sew!

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