Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarnable Wednesday: Dyeing Eggs

eggs dyed with embroidery floss by Margarita

Although I am a Passover girl, I had to share these amazing egg dyeing techniques. I love Easter eggs, and to be honest, making them was a great delight when I was young. My grandparents celebrated Easter and I remember wearing the most ruffled dress imaginable, carrying my basket, and looking for eggs. I think they still have footage of me slipping and falling on my ruffle-butt undies, Mary Janes and lace-edged socks high in the air!

In the Passover Seder, an egg is placed on the Seder plate to represent the coming of spring and new life. We dyed those eggs as well (our own family tradition). Here's some terrific ways to snazz up your lawn or your Seder plate:

Eggs Dyed with Embroidery Floss

These eggs by Margarita on her Greek blog, Syntages...Apo Spiti, are so cool and they look like they've been resting in a nest of yarn! Follow the link to her blog to learn this technique. This is such a unique look, and a wonderful idea! I think I might try wrapping instead of cutting, or trying to make designs with the thread. I'm definitely inspired!

from the blog Syntages...Apo Spiti

Silk-Dyed Eggs

Sara from posted this excellent idea of recycling silk ties and using them to dye eggs! It's so inventive, and you get the most beautiful patterns! Go here for the full tutorial.

Temporary Tattoo Eggs

Country Living just recently posted the idea of making your own temporary tattoos, which you can then apply to eggs. It's super sweet and sophisticated, for those who love a Victorian twist. Or any other images you can download!

Photo by Burcu Avsar

Happy Egg Dyeing!

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Very pretty and innovative ideas! I might try one of them this Easter, when I'm at my sisters house :-)

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