Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring brings new things...

We are pregnant! My husband and I are expecting our first child in September. So now you can understand the REAL reason I haven't been posting much! 

I found out when Jason was away on a business trip, which was torture! Everyday he'd call and ask how I was and I had to nonchalant it and pretend like nothing much happened. The news also came a week before we had to move, and I had just spent the week prior packing everything early (thank goodness). We had been trying for almost a year and I honestly didn't believe it. I think I tested every morning (4 tests) until Jason came back just to be sure. Then I put the tests and these onesies into a box labeled "baby's room" in huge letters and placed it prominently on the huge stack of our packed boxes. Things didn't go as planned, because I'm terrible at keeping a poker face! I think he must have known the minute he walked in the door, before he even saw the box. I wanted him to just find it, but there was no way that was happening before I gave it away. Anyhow, it was still a wonderful coming-home present!

Luckily my first trimester has been fairly easy and I'm excited for the next few weeks. Soon I will be able to feel movement, and find out if it's a boy or a girl. I think it's a boy, Jason thinks it's a girl. For now I'm enjoying snacking, reading up on everything, and taking it easy. I have a feeling my blog may get a bit more baby-oriented for a little while, but it will be the most awesome, creative, unique baby stuff ever! I'll still try to keep my eyes open for amazing thread art, great DIY, and fabulous Etsy finds also, so no worries.

One thing is for sure, this baby will not want for art, music, or power tools!

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Congratulations!!! Oh my, I was reading from the top and commented on your latest post without noticing this GREAT reason for you not posting much lately. How exciting for you both! I hope you will continue to feel well during your pregnancy. I'm going to be understanding if you post a lot of baby stuff :-)

Love Maria

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