Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revamping My Desk

I've been using this desk in my sewing room. It was so cluttered and cramped I felt claustrophobic every time I sat down. For one thing, there are two shelves, which leaves little room for even my laptop to sit comfortably. The only space on the desk itself is covered with a sorting tool that doesn't really help because I can't see what's in it, anyway. I have no proper storage for my three boxes of fabric, so they just sit there stacked next to it. I was placing things on shelves I never really use, and this left no space for what I do. Plus, there's a terrific cork board behind a good part of it, too, but the third shelf makes it impossible to use! So I decided to make my own "mood board" and go about making this space a bit more "Feng Shui".

 First I unscrewed and took out the second shelf. Better already!

Then I found some awesome fabric and cut it to the exact measurements of the cork and ironed some iron-on adhesive to the back of it. Iron-on adhesive rocks. It turns anything into iron-on. Love it!

Next, I just ironed it onto the cork with no steam. If you're going to do this, I advise you to turn off the steam on your iron. And don't let the iron sit anywhere too long, and be careful not to let it sit too long on any part of the wood! I held up the fabric onto the cork board with two thumb tacks. I swept across it from top to bottom, center to the outsides. Again, take your time, don't let the iron sit anywhere too long, ok?

Next, I added a retro seam binding to the edges with a glue gun. I used a piece of paper under the glue gun when I put it down so it wouldn't get on the wood.

I also went to Target and found easy storage for my fabric that cost me only $25. Goodbye boxes! I found there was very little I really needed on the shelves I had before so I put those away in a closet. Any files I had in my sorter I put into pretty folders and stood upright in magazine holders, which gave me more space. Then I used sewing pins and old sewing needles to pin up inspiration on my mood board.

This corner of my sewing room is ready to play!

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