Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Candy: Takashi Iwasaki

Takashi Iwasaki's playful embroidered art speaks of a fantastic private world that is bright and beautiful.

Mogmogkukan by Takashi Iwasaki, 2011

I love his statement, which explains that these worlds he creates are actually quite personal:

"Most of my recent works (after 2009) are either visual recording of my daily life or visualization of my imaginary worlds or landscapes that no one would see unless otherwise depicted; whereas my earlier works have been mostly focused on their formal qualities.

Those recent works may appear to be abstract on the surface, however, most shapes and colors have meanings and origins that are very significant to me in the way I feel them, therefore they are very representational and are reflection of my state of mind.

Things that I feel are never the same in the next moment because I keep changing. Capturing moments and sharing my visions with others have been my recent obsession and pleasure."

Pkapkatogeshakin by Takashi Iwasaki, 2011

Shishitata by Takashi Iwasaki, 2010

Poetry by Takashi Iwasaki, 2011

Check out his full portfolio here, which includes more embroidery, paintings, sculptures, prints, and what he calls "abbies"--his nickname for abstract drawings.

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