Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dreidel Garland and Decor

Remember that lovely image I posted from of the dreidel garland? Well, I set out to make it for my home. If you love these patterns, you can also just print and cut them out on heavy card stock. I wanted to use different colors, so here is my version. First, download and make a template from the printable by The Party Dress:

Then you will need all sorts of colored card stock. Trace the template, fold the tabs, and assemble. It's best to trace with a pencil on the back side of the paper, making sure you use a ruler to mark the fold lines, too. Press down enough with the pencil to make an indentation in your thick card stock. This will  make the paper fold just where you want it to.  

Use double stick tape or hot glue to assemble.

Make a bunch! Next you will need to make the stem of the dreidel. I used a square balsa wood dowel and cut it with an x-acto. 

Now get a large upholstery needle and some cotton string. Knot before and after each dreidel. You will need a delicate touch in poking through so you don't crush your dreidels! I found twisting the needle with a 
little pressure was enough to poke a hole.


I'm also super proud of my arrangement for the mantle:


Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Amber, your mantel is gorgeous! I love the colors and that brass menorah is beautiful. I know I'm late in my commenting but I'm just now catching up on reading my favorite blogs :)

Amber said...

Thanks! Glad you stopped by!

EvaDress said...

I LOVE your mantle arrangement!

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