Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yarn Shop, Reykjavik

One of the reasons I love my husband still (we are on year #4!) is how creative he is, even though his work is mostly engineering and math-related. I'm quite sure that most of his co-workers have no clue that he collects art, has a huge music collection, and that he is one of the most fascinating photographers I know.

When we first met we took a tiny trip to London and he showed me how he used a crazy Lomo camera to take photos on a roll of film, reloaded the roll, and shot another set of crazy pictures on top of those with no idea how they would turn out. The result was like ceramics: you're never quite sure what you'll get when you take it from the kiln, but now and then you are surprised by something bloody brilliant.

The musician Lay Low, photographed by Jason Gordon, 2011

Lately he's been using a specially-made teleidoscope and a cheap digital camera to create some stunning images of our trip and some of the artists playing at the festival. He took these images when we were casually exploring a yarn shop in Reykjavik.

It is amazing how something so simple...

can become something so amazing...

I am urging him to create a blog of his own, and I will probably be digging up his old prints to do it. It will be fun to go digging!

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How fun to have a creative husband! Fascinating photos!

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