Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative Candy: Hringa

My birthday is coming up and I got a wonderful early present from my husband at a shop named Hringa in  Reykjavik.

I found this store while my husband was next door shifting through CD's to feed his music obsession. First of all: I usually don't walk into jewelry stores. I usually don't wear much jewelry, and I don't buy it unless something stands out. I rarely find anything that really suits my aesthetic. I think that was the first thing that shocked me about Hringa: there wasn't anything I didn't like in that store. The designs are quite smart.

Inga, the designer and owner, was there to talk to me about the pieces. It was so nice to speak directly to the artist. I really wish there were more local stores in my area where the owners were also the artists. It makes what you buy so much more special.

My favorites included a set of deer head earrings (complete with microscopic antlers), an owl pendant, and these hoops with tiny people standing in them. They are made with sterling silver and the little people used in architecture models. Little things are just automatically more fun, I think.

I love them!

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How lovely the jewelry looks! And what a nice way to remember your trip to Iceland :-)

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