Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today's Creative Candy highlights MEGAN WHITMARSH , an artist who uses the medium of sewing and embroidery to make vibrant (and yes, sewn) renditions of common objects and garbage. This is not your grandmother's cross stitch. I love how she adds a modern twist to something we've come to regard as antiquated. Here here for keeping sewing fresh and edgy!  Now she is selling her collection of school supplies (below) at the awesome shop Grey Area, whose mission is "to present the best of what doesn't quite fit within the traditional gallery experience". 


My husband and I first saw her embroidered canvas works (part of her "yeti" theme) two years ago at Art Basel in Miami where she embroidered brush strokes and tiny futuristic people dancing about with Yetis.  
color dance bomb, 2009, embroidery thread on fabric 

pink star, 2010, spraypaint, embroidery thread on fabric

Later we saw her work at the Wolfsonian Museum, where her sewn objects were peppered throughout the exhibit in surprising and delightful places, adding an entertaining commentary to what I believe was a permanent collection.   It made the exhibit a whole lot more entertaining for me! To check out more, visit her website at

(Giant Robot 63, Ben Clark, Giant Robot Magazine, march 2010)

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