Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creative Candy: LUCKY JACKSON

Just a quick note today about an artist I am loving right now:  L u c k y  J a c k s o n.

Lloyd Love by Lucky Jackson

I stumbled across this work by the fabulous Lucky Jackson in an article by Mr. X Stitch on Craftster. Please visit that site for the full interview, it is well worth the time (also check out her Flickr photostream). 

This phrase stuck with me entirely:

Most of my work features people. Circumstances has left me with none of my family photos from growing up and I love finding photos that can reflect my memories of my own past. I feel that if they speak to reflect my own past they must speak to others as well. I also love doing portraits of my cultural heroes. I grew up with a culture vulture father who instilled in me the love of all arts, music, visual arts, literature and movies. These figures have always been a huge inspiration that self expression should always be important, that if you are your truly unique self that everything will fall into place."

Ode to Tim Gunn, by Lucky Jackson, quilted, mixed acrylic paint, vintage fabric

Dropping In by Lucky Jackson, embroidered vintage fabric, sequin details

I'm hoping that very soon I can own one of her pieces (hint hint, hubby). There's something absolutely witty, nostalgic, and highly unexpected about them. Love!

Check back for another Creative Candy featuring Mr. X Stitch. His blog and podcasts are well worth a post of their own. 
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